Types of Beds Beds are the important part of your bedroom because once you enter the bedroom this is the first thing that comes for your sight. There are different types of beds available in the store. The adjustable beds are mostly preferred it can be used both for sleeping and relaxing. The adjustable type of bed is known as the recliner which is very useful for people who are suffering from the medical condition. The next type is the air bed in which you have to pump air into the bed by using the air pump; they are free from termites so they can be used for camping purposes. The kids bed is made for the kids which is easy to fix. They are available in different colors designed especially for the children. The water beds are very expensive and they are popular because they provide comfort and relaxation for both body and mind. The sofa bed can be used for sleeping and adjusting into a sofa also that can be placed in the room for the visitors also. The other type of bed includes the canopy bed, bunk beds, iron beds etc… Some of the beds used by the youngsters are the traditional style beds that have the storage t keep some things and these types of beds are highly durable. The cabin style beds are mostly applicable for children which are more flexible and have more space. They have storage in the form of shelves. The bunk type beds are two beds attached together.