Facing Life With Positivity Among Chaos

Life, as we know it is a journey of chaos. It is taught via religion and psychological approaches that order should be brought to it by our actions. However as many of our actions are initiated, shaped and moulded by happenings and situations around us, we must first learn to control our impulses to face life positively, unaffected by what is going on.  

Being affected by your surroundings  

You cannot control what goes around you. Maybe if you tried to be involved in them, you might have been able to somewhat manage their severity. However best action is to not to react if the current happening does not concern you. Getting involved in only what concerns you is a damage control method. Unwanted problems arise when people try to get involved in things which are not pertaining to them. Talk if you are being addressed and speak politely to anyone, even though someone can talk to you harshly. They are showing their personality; but you don’t have to follow it. If you have been to a Yin Yoga workshop, you will learn that freeing your mind can lead to consolation of life, in general.  yoga poses poster

What others say  

Similar to what is happening in your surroundings, what is being said also can offend you. This is very common among people and has led to some vicious situations where two countries are fallen to the point of warring as a solution. Word is a powerful tool. One more characteristic of it is, once out, you cannot get it back. There are many old sayings about guarding your words; almost all religions have preached about the same and they also talk about not being swayed by someone’s words. So to survive in a volatile world such as this, you need to look within you and dissect to see if what you are doing and saying is good. If you are hurt by a certain thing someone utters please remember that the same thing, said by you to another, can make that person upset too.  

Physical serenity to mental peacefulness  

No one knows where the mind is; some say it is the heart but as we know it, heart is a muscle like any other part of body. Therefore some claim it is in the head or brain. Wherever it is, you must train the mind to be mindful. “Mindfulness” is brining your attention to the “present” or what is happening now, as opposed to you being thinking about something or someone else. This can be practiced through techniques such as meditation and even can be accessed through physical maneuverings like yoga. Once you know the basic psychological matters, by referring to a yoga poses poster you can practice it at home itself. 

Being aware of oneself can lead to achieving valuable results such as taming our own minds. It can also bring short term outcomes like improved memory, physical sustenance and more which will make you a stronger person overall.